Capital Investment Under Uncertainty: Net Present Worth/Expected ROR

► Net Present Value (NPV)/Break-Even Analysis for Commercial/Industrial Products

► NPV/Break-Even Sensitivity Analysis

► Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis for Commercial/Real Estate/Industrial/Healthcare Projects

► Flexible Budget

► Flexible Budget Variance

► Single/Multiproduct Break Even/Risk Analysis

► Expected Value of Investments Given Optimistic/Most Likely/Pessimistic Parameter Estimates

► Loan/Lease Financing

► Loan/Lease Solvers

► Loan Amortization Schedules with Extra Payments

► Lease Payment Schedules with Extra Payments

► Lease Net Present Value [Lessor/Lessee Perspectives]

► Vendor/Asset Databases

► System Configurator with Financing Options

Multiple Attribute Decision Making [MADM]: Simple Additive Weighting/Entropy Method