Sample Applications: Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP); Multiple Attributes Decision Making (MADM) (Simple Additive Weighting Method (SAWM), Entropy Method, and Mixed Optimistic/Pessimistic Method)

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Corporate Decision Making Support Droids
All software droids are goal oriented. They all work the same way. You input data in the light Green Cells then press F9 -- all associated outputs are calculated/graphed automatically.
For many applications, tables can be easily expanded to accommodate more input data.
Analytic Hierarchy Process [AHP] for Decision Making

   AHP for Decision Making (Goal, Criteria/Attributes, and Competing Alternatives)
   Pairwise Comparison Matrix of Alternatives by Criterion
   Pairwise Comparison Matrix for Criteria
   Overall Priorities/Ranks for Alternatives
[Synthesis Using Distributive Mode] [Synthesis Using Ideal Mode]

Multiple Attributes Decision Making [MADM]

   Sample Criteria for Decision Making
Automobiles, Business Jets, Employee Performance, Fighter Aircraft, Job Selection, Leadership, Management Performance, Plant Location, Political Leadership, Project Management Contractor, Software, Vendors/Suppliers
   Multiple Attributes Decision Making
3 Methods: Simple Additive Weighting Method (SAWM), Entropy Method, and Mixed Optimistic-Pessimistic Method.
Input Data: Alternatives, Attributes, and Scores Matrix
Scale Transformations: Vector Normalization; Linear [Max Method]; Alternate Linear; and 0-to-1 [Max-Min] Range
   [SAWM] [Entropy] [Entropy Matrix] [Attribute Ranks by Alternative]
[Ranking of Alternatives] [Decision Matrix Using Common Scale] [Matrix of Ratio Comparisons]
Analysis/Probabilities of Single and Compound Events

   Analysis of nonconformities, defects, malfunctions, or failures
Industrial and Health Applications.

Expert Opinion

Combining Expert Opinions [Soon]

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