Sample Applications:
Information Transmission/Storage; Minterm/Maxterm Logic Circuits; Combinatorics

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Information Droids
All software droids are goal oriented. They all work the same way. You input data in the light Green Cells then press F9 -- all associated outputs are calculated/graphed automatically.
For many applications, tables can be easily expanded to accommodate more input data.
Information Transmission / Storage Systems

   General Input/Output Channel
   Independent Input/Output Channel
Minterm / Maxterm Expansions
Gates Include: NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR, XOR, XOR1, XNOR, XNOR1, VOTE (m-out-of-n).
Output Includes: Truth Tables, Minterms/Maxterms, Binary Outputs, Sum-of-Products (SOP) / Product-of-Sums (POS) Logic Circuits

Minterm Expansion for Standard Gates
   Maxterm Expansion for Standard Gates
   Minterm Expansion for Custom Gates
   Maxterm Expansion for Custom Gates


Generating lists for use in  combinatorial analyses (or combinatorics) where the object is to classify, enumerate, and count configurations of n objects taken m at a time

   Tuples, Permutations, and Combinations
   Tuples (tables of m-tuples of n distinct objects taken m at a time)
   Permutations (tables of permutations of n distinct objects taken m at a time)
   Combinations (tables of combinations of n distinct objects taken m at a time) 

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